Our practice concentration is in the trademark and copyright areas, but the Dunner Law team has expertise in multiple areas relating to the broad umbrella of intellectual property law. These areas of expertise cover all of the key elements of clearance, protection, maintenance and enforcement for our clients’ IP assets.


  • U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Prosecution and Registration
  • International Prosecution and Registration
  • Trade Dress and Protection of Non-Traditional Marks (sound, color, scent)
  • Global Clearance Searching and Advice
  • Managing Worldwide Trademark Portfolios
  • Recording Trademark Registrations with Customs
  • Drafting Branding Guidelines
  • General Counseling, Business Strategy and Advice


  • Registration at the U.S. Copyright Office
  • International Protection and Advice
  • Renewal and Termination Rights
  • Work-for-Hire Issues and Agreements
  • Acquisition of Copyrights
  • Joint Authorship and Partnership Issues
  • Permissions
  • Creative Commons Counseling
  • General Counseling, Business Strategy and Advice

Domain name protection

  • UDRP and URS Complaints and Proceedings
  • ACPA Proceedings
  • Registration and Acquisition
  • Manage Domain Name Portfolios

IP Enforcement and Litigation

  • Trademark and Copyright Infringement (offense and defense)
  • Domain Name Infringement
  • DMCA Takedowns
  • Social Media and App Store Takedowns
  • Unfair Competition
  • False Advertising
  • Anti-Counterfeiting
  • Cybersquatting
  • Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Proceedings
  • Trade Secrets

Licensing and Agreements

  • Draft and Negotiation of IP Agreements
  • Trademark and Copyright Licenses
  • Trademark and Copyright Assignments
  • Work-for-Hire Agreements
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Software Development Agreements
  • Website Development and Hosting Agreements
  • Publishing Agreements

IP Audits

  • Trademark and Copyright Audits
  • IP Due Diligence for Mergers and Transactions
  • Strategic Counseling for IP Assets