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Dunner Law, a Certified Woman-Owned firm, was founded by Lisa Dunner with three goals in mind: to be responsive to clients’ needs; to be strategic and find practical solutions; and to offer the highest quality services with a high regard for efficiency and ethics. Over the past twenty years, we have exceeded these goals, and our size continues to be our strength, as we are capable of being flexible in our approach and our practice.


The strongest brands represent the quality and distinctiveness of a business. When choosing a new brand, it is important to clear it for possible infringement and then protect the brand through registration. At Dunner Law, we manage worldwide trademark portfolios and protect our clients’ valuable brands by providing strategic counseling to register, enforce and maintain our clients’ valuable assets.​


Copyright law protects creators of original works fixed in some tangible medium against infringement. Today, protectable works are easily infringed through seamless downloading and dissemination on the internet. At Dunner Law, we protect our clients’ works by registering them with the U.S. Copyright Office and by providing advice on ownership issues relating to work-for-hire agreements, joint author agreements and other collaborative arrangements.​

Amazon Brand Registry

Dunner Law is one of eleven vetted and trusted firms by Amazon for its IP Accelerator and Brand Registry program. The only way Amazon sellers get all of the benefits of the Amazon Brand Registry is to have a trademark application filed through one of the Amazon recommended firms, like us. Why choose Dunner Law? Because, we have more than 52 years of collective experience filing and handling trademark applications; we offer competitive pricing for our services; and we have a strong entrepreneurial focus, so we understand the needs and concerns of startups. Click here for more information: 2022 Amazon Brand Registry Information, or, if you are ready to get going, click here.

Domain name protection & enforcement

Domain name infringement is common, and there are various ways to take down an infringing domain name without litigating a full blown lawsuit. Dunner Law handles UDRP and ACPA proceedings to combat domains that infringe our clients’ trademarks, and our attorneys also manage and acquire large domain portfolios for our clients.

IP enforcement & litigation

The Dunner Law team has years of experience in policing, enforcing and defending trademark and copyright infringement issues, whether it involves social media and app takedown issues, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Trademark Trial and Appeal Board proceedings, or state or federal court cases.

Licensing & agreements

An improperly drafted and negotiated agreement involving intellectual property, whether created in collaboration with another partner, a work-for-hire arrangement or a simple license, can result in a loss of ownership rights or potential liability. Dunner Law drafts and negotiates agreements that are void of ambiguity and protect our clients’ ownership of IP assets and the use of licensed IP assets.

IP audits

Most businesses have intellectual property assets, whether in the form of trademarks, copyrights, patents or trade secrets, but many businesses can’t readily identify these valuable assets, which means that they are likely being mismanaged, unprotected, and misused. An IP audit is the best way to identify your business’s IP and to set up a strategy to maximize the value of the IP through registration, protection and enforcement. The Dunner Law team specializes in IP audits and strategic counseling related to IP asset management.
Absolutely a super firm. Dunner Law is a professional firm of high standards. Their service always exceeded my expectations in giving specific advice and delivering solutions for complex legal issues. In providing advisory service related to statutory, regulatory and legal needs they were methodical, consultative and interactive. The process was always proactive through regular meetings as part of client management to understand the status and whether further assistance was needed. Lisa Dunner provided excellent leadership in final product and service provisioning.
Ashwin Patel Management Consulting Professional


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